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Tax Helpdesk | What Matters We Handle

Our registered tax practitioners will provide you with tax advice and assistance for the following South African Revenue Services (SARS) personal income tax matters (advice and assistance for Policy A and Platinum A members, advice only for Policy B & C and Platinum B & C):

  • The completion and electronic submission of your annual personal income tax return
  • The submission of your supporting documents
  • Understanding your SARS notice of assessment (ITA34)
  • Assisting you with understanding your tax calculations
  • Checking the status of your tax accounts with SARS
  • Helping you to interpret the SARS Income Tax Act and the Tax Administration Act, and the SARS tax self-help guides
  • Advice on tax registration if you are an individual personal income taxpayer
  • Querying your outstanding personal income tax returns
  • Your SARS audits
  • Lodging of your SARS objections
  • Penalties and interest raised by SARS
  • Your identity theft
  • Your SARS garnishees (IT88)
  • Tax implications on your pension and provident fund payouts
  • Cancellation of your duplicate IRP5 certificates or correcting mistakes on your issued IT3 / IRP5 certificates
  • Liaising with employers on queries with regard to your incorrect PAYE deductions, obtaining IRP5 or IT3 certificates
  • Your general tax queries

The following terms, conditions and limitations apply to this benefit:

  • You must be a resident within the borders of South Africa
  • This benefit is limited to PAYE personal income tax matters only
  • This benefit is available ONLY to the main member and their spouse
  • Tax advice and assistance with any administrative processes concerning tax matters is available to Policy A and Platinum A members only
  • Tax advice only is available to members on Policies B & C and Platinum B & C
  • There is no legal cover for pursuing any income tax matters
  • You must be earning less than R1 million remuneration (includes salary, wages, commission and allowances) in total per annum from one or more SARS-registered employers operating within the borders of South Africa
  • You must be acting in your private individual capacity and must be in possession of a green barcoded identity document or new identity card

Exclusions to the personal income tax benefit:

  1. Provisional taxpayers
  2. Juristic persons/entities, including but not limited to sole proprietors
  3. In your capacity as directors of companies, members of close corporations, partners in partnerships or any participant/business partner involved in a relationship considered to be business and that conducts a trade or business or any business combination
  4. Taxation of trusts, estates and body corporates
  5. Taxation of persons acting in any representative capacity for example trustees, executors, curators, etc
  6. Taxation of beneficiaries of trusts and estates
  7. Residents or non-residents of South Africa who have earned more than 50% of their income outside the borders of South Africa
  8. If you have earned income in another currency other than South African Rand
  9. If you have earned income from a company or juristic entity not registered within South Africa
  10. Any other form of taxation including, but not limited to customs & excise queries, VAT etc
  11. Making payment arrangements on your behalf for any outstanding amounts owing to SARS
  12. Applications for tax directives and tax clearance certificates on your behalf and juristic persons
  13. Any tax matter incurring legal cover by or against SARS
  14. If your taxable income is greater than R1 million per annum whether registered as a provisional taxpayer or not

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