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Treating Customers Fairly


At Scorpion, we strive to be the preferred provider of legal assistance. It is our mission to provide customer-oriented legal assistance to individuals, thereby allowing them affordable access to justice. Through sound management and a motivated workforce, we aim to create benefits for all our stakeholders.


  • Embed a TCF culture thereby ensuring that processes, controls, and governance structures, are in place to ensure fair treatment of our customers.
  • Monitor and take responsibility for the actions of our employees and independent contractors (at all levels) to ensure a consistent delivery of a fair outcome to our members, ultimately resulting in transparency, the elimination of unfairness, and customer confidence.
  • Conduct self-assessments to ensure that our attendances, policies and procedures are consistent with the aim of Treating Customers Fairly framework.

As we take the requirements of the TCF seriously, in particular, the requirement to treat customers (our members) fairly, we highlight outcomes which are central to the TCF initiative:

  • Confidence of fair treatment: Members can be confident that our fair treatment of them is at the forefront of our culture.
  • Product and service design, and marketing: Products and services are marketed and sold with the aim that they meet the needs of the individual member (or the identified customer group) and are targeted accordingly.
  • Clear information and contact: Members are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the time of contracting.
  • No misrepresentations: Our product and services offered are aligned to our policy and customer needs. There is pre-disclosure (statutory disclosures) of our products and services to enable a member to understand and choose us as their preferred service provider if the product meets their needs and expectations.
  • Post-sale operations: Members are afforded the opportunity to cancel their policy within the 31 day cooling off period without penalty. Customers do not face any unnecessary barriers to lodge a claim. A complaints process is in place to enable customers to lodge complaints easily. Complaints are addressed urgently and members will also be afforded the opportunity to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to ensure “ultimate fairness”, such as the Ombudsman.


  • Uphold customer confidence in fair treatment.
  • Provide relevant and appropriate products and services.
  • Provide accurate information and maintain transparency at all times.
  • Provide our customers with excellent service supported by quality and choice, specifically we are committed to providing the highest standard of customer service by acting in the best interests of our members; and utilising the necessary diligence, skill and expertise to deliver an accurate and efficient service.
  • Listen to our members’ needs, understand what is important to them, and take the appropriate action.
  • Ensure all our documentation and information is clear, and provided in plain and understandable language.
  • Aim to avoid a conflict of interest from arising, if a conflict arises it will be disclosed to our customers.
  • Take decisions only upon determining the impact it has on our members.
  • Train our staff on TCF to ensure that our customers are treated fairly and monitor service provided to customers regularly to ensure that the TCF framework is embedded in our culture.

By adopting TCF, we will drive the delivery of fair treatment of our members as embedded in our organisation and values.

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